National park under threat

28.6.2014 - Ile-Alatau National Park / Almaty Province

In Ile-Alatau National park close to former capital Almaty, Tien Shan mountain range, authorities and developers plan to privatize part of the mountains, devastate the nature and build ski resort. They say it will attract Europeans to visit Kazakhstan. 350 million euro from public budget is supposed to be spent. Local citizens do not agree and suspect politicians that in the fact they plan to build private residential complex for proponents of the regime.

Ile-Alatau National park is the home to apple trees, tulips and also important habitat for snow leopard, one of the most endangered wild animals in the world.

Aarhus Convention should provide citizens of signatory countries (including Kazakhstan) with access to the information, right for participation in decision making in environmental issues, and right for independent judiciary. In Ile-Alatau case, these principles and voice of the public are disregarded.

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How can you support us?

You can sign the petition to save Ile-Alatau National Park, and inform your members and supporters about it. More than 10 thousand people from Kazakhstan already signed. Now, they need international support. Read the petition >>> / Sign the petition >>>


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The Aarhus convention is supposed to be a guarantee of citizens’ right to participate in decision-making. Although, is it so everywhere? Do citizens really participate in the process of resolving whether there will be a chemical plant or a national park will be destroyed? These and other things have been discussed be delegates of signatory countries. Unfortunately for example in Kazakhstan the situation is dismal. We made it clear to the delegates by lively theatrical performance.

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