A new Guide for Chemical Safety and Waste in Belarus

6.8.2013 - BELARUS

We live in a world in which the chemical safety and waste management are becoming more and more relevant. More than 140,000 chemicals are in commercial production and use, we meet with them at home, at work, in the transport, outdoors, when buying clothes and food.

All of these substances can affect the health of people and the environment. Arnika in cooperation with Center for Environmental Solutions (CES) decided to reflect this situation by releasing a guide for Belarusian citizens providing them information on solutions for some of common problems associated with waste management and chemical substances. The guide helps the Belarusian citizens to introduce safer practices at their homes, offices or in their communities. Although it is focused on the situation in Belarus, it includes a large portion of broader information that can be useful in other countries too. The publication was released as a part of the project "Strengthening public participation on environmental decision making and SAICM implementation in Belarus" implemented by Arnika and CES with the financial assistance of the European Union.


The guide can be downloaded here: "Guide for Chemical Safety"

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