Connecting people protecting their rivers: Big Jump got bigger in 2021

Big Jump in Molovata Noua in Moldova

In July 2021, Arnika together with its partners didn't miss the opportunity to join the Big Jump event - an initiative aiming to bring the attention of the public and authorities to the topic of river protection. This time, in addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Arnika has brought the tradition also to Moldova, where people enjoyed the beauty and benefits of free-flowing rivers. 

"We have a very good experience from organizing the Big Jump both in Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina, so we decided to try and start the same tradition in Moldova, where more and more people and initiatives are concerned about the future of their natural wealth," explains Zuzana Vachunova from Arnika. "In the end, even though it was the very first year, 57 people participated on three locations - Molovata Noua, Nezavertailovca in Transnistria and Rascov," she adds.

Photogallery from Moldova is available here.

"In Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we do this several years in a row, people gathered on 14 locations this year. Bosnia-Herzegovina's rivers - the last wild European rivers - are seriously threatened by boom of hydropowerplant constructions and by this happening we are letting the authorities and media know that we have to protect them," Vachunova closes.

Watch the video from Big Jump in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021.

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