Destruction of Sana right now

20.4.2016 - Sana

So far the construction of hydropower Medna showed a number of shortcomings and critical misses, and the Coalition for the Protection of Sana river have again addressed the Inspectorate of Republic of Srpska.

At the construction site of hydroelectric power plant Medna, we found that the contractor in the construction of a diversion tunnel and stop dam formed a landfill for disposal of waste materials (stone and rubble), and during the works carried out significant changes in the field and the characteristics of the natural environment which significantly interfered with the flora, fauna and a complete ecosystem of the area.


Accordingly we invited inspectors to carry out all relevant measurement as well as to gain the insight into the monitoring of pollutants during the construction of the plant and determine whether the situation on the ground corresponds to a state environmental permit and whether the works are executed in accordance with the technical documentation ie. Main project hydropower plant Medna and partial construction solution.
The overall impression is that no one comes to the site to overlook the progress of the constuction and where contractors with the consent of the concessionaire are making their job eaiser at the expense of nature around water sources. Huge landfill is expanding more each dayand because of this it is urgently needed to stop this because the landfil will expand to the very water springs. Whose land is this? Who has approved disposal of polutants at that place? Is there an endto this landfill and is there a plan for the removal of these materials? These are just some of the questions for the inspectors. If they are not on the payroll of the concessionaire payroll, sounds as if there will certainly be a lot of work for them.


How “green” energy looks like

These constructions already have a huge impact on the Sana river and the life around it, although the authorities and investors, have argued the opposite, of course.
We will not give up in this fight to protect Sana river, and because of this poorly planned projects implemented without the consent of the local population and the general public, we will fight against all similar projects that are harmful to humans and nature.


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