European Parliaments asks BiH governments to protect Una and Sutjeska

15.4.2016 - Banja Luka

The European Parliament passed a resolution on Bosnia and Herzegovina calling the Governments of Bosnia and Herzegovina to regulate and supervise the construction of hydropower plants in environmentally sensitive areas and in protected and potentially protected areas.

  1. Maintain the integrity of existing national parks, such as the National Park “Sutjeska” and the National Park “Una”
  2. Recommend to improve the quality of assessment of the impact on the environment in order to take into account EU standards in the manner established by the Birds Directive, the Habitats Directive, and the Water Framework Directive
  3. Encourages the Governments of Bosnia and Herzegovina to increase transparency through public participation and consultation with local communities, as well as the scientists and civil sector in the planning of projects. “

Nataša Crnković, Center for Environment: “For years, we have been asking to preserve our rivers and stop the plans for building hydropower plants. Current processes are shady and often illegal. Yet, frequently they ignore the views of local communities, experts, and environmental organizations. At our persistence, now, these requirements have become the official demands of the European Parliament. ”

Two hydropower plants have been planned to be built in the National Park Sutjeska and the National Park Una,which would jeopardize the existence of these protected areas, but would also destroy the sensitive and valuable ecosystems and the species that inhabit these two parks. Hydropower plants would prevent local residents and park management from developing other activities on the rivers which would bring benefit to the country, the parks, and the local communities.


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