Expert Excursion: Tree Avenues of Moravian-Silesian Region

Martin Plocek

Arnika would like to invite you to a three-day expert excursion Tree Avenues of Moravia-Silesian Region. Positive examples of professional care of historical avenues combined with efforts to increase traffic safety will be presented on concrete examples of avenues. You will meet representatives of the local civil services as well as road authorities.

Excursion will take place on 18th - 20th June 2014.



Opavsko – Region of Tree Avenues

  • Šilheřovice: Tree avenues, rare species of beetles and those who know how to deal with it
  • Štěpánkovice: Ash avenue leading to a stud farm
  • Velké Hoštice: Monumental lime avenue in a castle park
  • Radkov: Magnificent avenue in the care of a local association

Ostravsko – New Plantings along Roads: the Traffic Safety and the Landscape points of view

  • Fryčovice a Krmelín: Examples of plantings
  • Staříč, Kozlovice: Space for new plantings
  • Frenštát pod Radhoštěm: Examples of renewal and maintenance

Pobeskydí – Tree Avenue Mosaic

  • Dolní Tošasnovice: Tree avenue with white stripes is safer
  • Komorní Lhotka: Lime torsos along the road to a herbal spa
  • Komorní Lhotka –Kojkovice: Renewal of an avenue – significant landscape component

Participants will receive detailed programme


Each participant will receive expert commentary and study materials. Transport, accommodation and food are provided.


The bus leaves on June 18th, early morning from Ostrava. In the end of the excursion the bus leaves all the participants in Ostrava on June 20th in the afternoon. Detailed information will be provided.

Price of the excursion: EUR 150

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Supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union and the German Federal Environmental Foundation.

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