Festival on renewable energy ReAction took place in Kiev

30.6.2017 - KIEV
Photo: Ekodiya

Arnika´s partner organisation, Ekodiya, prepared the first edition of public festival on renewable resources and energy, which took place in the National Expocentre VDNH in Kiev on the 24th June. More than one thousand visitors explored the importance of renewable sources of energy which were explained through seminars, debates, and practical examples of sustainable devices and energy sources.

Every day, the impact of human activity on the planet becomes more global, tangible, and threatening. Extraction of fossil fuels poisons the environment and leads to climate change, and nuclear energy has repeatedly questioned the existence of life on earth. Concerned people around the world are working on the development of alternative energy sources at the level of individual communities and entire states. Ukraine, despite its sad experience, continues to operate in the old energy system and avoids ambitious steps for the implementation of renewable energy. "What should our reaction be?" - the organizers of the festival asked. They were invited to think about it in a friendly society!
The first edition of ReAction - the Festival of Sunny Future, was dedicated to the topic of renewable energy: what are the realities and perspectives of sustainable energy systems development in Ukraine. The festival provided a mix of popular education, entertainment, and art. During the event, the visitors had a chance to attend lectures from experts in the field and took part in various activities preparing coffee on a solar-cooker, charging their devices with the help of bike-generator, or simply enjoying good food and music. ReAction was the first Ukrainian festival driven solely with solar power!

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Photo by Ekodiya

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