Integrated pollution prevention permit for Spolchemie has entered into force

15.2.2010 - Ústí nad Labem
The decision of the Regional Authority of the Ústí Region concerning Spolchemie has entered into force. The decision on integrated pollution prevention permit for production of lye, chlorine and hydrochlorid acid postponed the deadline for using mercury in chlorine production in Spolchemie in Ústí nad Labem.
Since mid January, there hasn’t been an appeal to that decision raised neither from Spolchemie, nor from other participants in the permit-granting process. Originally Spolchemie pushed for postponing mercury exclusion from the production process for three years. Arnika and the Czech Environmental Inspectorate disagreed. The decision has entered into force on 6th February 2010.

Jindřich Petrlík, MS, head of Arnika’s Toxics and Waste Program, said: „At a meeting in early January, the Regional Authority of Ústí finally proposed a compromise to postpone the deadline for replacement of amalgam electrolysis by diaphragm technology by one year.“

„Mercury used in two of the chlorine productions – Spolana and Spolchemie - is the source of a heavy environmental burden. As a result of its long-term use in both productions, mercury is present in neighbourhoods of both factories in higher concentrations,“ Mr. Petrlík added.

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