International Conference: Tree Avenues Protection for Regional Development Featured

Photo: Alena Kanková

International conference organized by Arnika in cooperation with the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management, Tomas Bata University, with the support of the Swiss Enlargement Contribution, The German Federal Environment Foundation DBU, Zlín Region and the Green Circle. Under the auspices of Ivan Marak, Deputy Governor of the Zlín Region.

Who did not miss the opportunity to attend the conference? Mayors, employees of departments of environment and regional development, roads administrations, non-governmental organizations and other experts.


Experts have published the Uherské Hradiště Declaration on Avenue Protection >>>


Thursday, December 5 / Cultural Night

Participants who travelled from other countries could check in at the hotel from 4PM already.There was a cultural programme prepared for the Thursday night - commented excursion to the city center and tasting of local wines. Start: 5,45 PM, the campus of the University.

Friday, December 6 / International Conference

Tree avenue protection in the EU 


Poland: Ways for nature: restoration of tree avenues

Piotr Tyszko-Chmielowiec, PhD., Fundacja Ekorozwoju


France: Tree avenues and road safety

Chantal Pradines, European Council landscape and infrastructure counsultant


Germany: Tree avenues as opportunity for local landscape and bussines. 

Annette Gross, Insula Rugia

Saturday, December 7 / Trip to Tree Avenues of the Slovacko region (not only)

Trip to the most interesting avenues of the Slovácko region was prepared for those who were further interested in tree avenues of the Slovacko region. 

  1. Uherske Hradiste – tree avenues on dams and remains of linden avenue at Morava river (Květoslav Fryšták, M.Eng., Uherske Hradiste Municipality, Section of Environment)
  2. Uhersky Ostroh – one of the oldest tree avenue by the road in the Czech Republic (Eva Zajícová, Uhersky Ostroh Municipality, Section of Environment)
  3. Buchlovice – tree avenue of Horinek forester's in the care of the property society (Roman Krejča, M.Eng., Czech Union for Nature Conversation  Buchlovice)
  4. Linden tree avenue at Svetla, Zdounky  remains of baroque road greenery (Marcela Klemensová, M.Sc., Arnika Association)
  5. Fishermen's tree avenue in Prerov – planting allowed by Provincial Committee of Moravian Mangraviate in 1914 (Adin Vyhlídka, Czech Union for Nature Conservation Prerov)


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