Lake Modrac´s watershed relief

5.10.2014 - Banovići, Lukavac, Tuzla, Živinice

Mayors of municipalities Banovići, Lukavac, Tuzla and Živinice in central Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to displace illegal waste deposits from watershed of lake Modrac.

 Mayors made their commitement to pursue the routine waste management in the area by signing the Memorandum about cooperation. (1)

Local NGO The Center for Ecology and Energy (Centar za ekologiju i energiju, CEE from Tuzla) with the aid of Swedish government realised the project Routine waste management is the citizen´s right.(2) As a part of this project, working group using the data about waste management coverage, illegal waste deposits, facilities and technical devices, related laws and other tools prepaired the document Routine waste displacement from the watershed of Modrac. (3). Document contains the problem analysis, map of watershed and the plan how to enlarge the area of waste management system.

The main problem in the watershed is that 58% of local households are not included to the waste management system. There are 150 illegal deposits of volume more than 5m3 around the lake. Big amount of waste lies on the shores of the lake and the river.

The CEE´s document was presented during the recently held round table for municipality representatives, other public service companies, Tuzla canton government, involved ministries, local NGOs, citizens and media. The proceedings described in the document claim that untill 2020 95% of households should be included in the routine waste management system. This would be the great news.

(1) Original article from Tuzla L!ve

(2) Project description

(3) The document Routine waste displacement from the watershed of Modrac.

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