New Aarhus Centre in Zenica

5.2.2014 - Zenica

In January 2014, our project partner NGO Eko-forum opened the Aarhus Consultation Centre in the frequently visited place in the centre-town of Zenica.


The office that Eko-forum uses for its activities is open every working day between 8:00 and 16:00. It is located in a frequent, public place, where a lot of people pass by every day. The office has the front glass wall so it has the “inviting“ effect.  It is common that curious citizens come in and ask for information about Eko-forum, but there are also some examples where citizens asked for support in solving their environment-related problems. Eko-forum receives these complaints by mail, telephone, or in personal contact.

Eko-forum creates and administres the database of these requests and they work on education of their activists and employees so that they are able to provide help to citizens. They have the list of contacts of various communal institutions, along with their jurisdiction, and they use it to inform people how to apply when they have the problem. They also ask citizens to inform them if the institutions did not respond.

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Examples of such complaints are: parking on green areas, odours coming out of car-painting shop, problems with excessive dust emissions near the industrial waste disposal "Rača", excessive smell in the late hours, etc. 

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