Arnika's photos from Ukraine compete in the Czech Press Photo, you can also decide on the winner

23.10.2018 - PRAGUE / MARIUPOL
Picture with a view over the industrial panorama of Mariupol
PHOTO: Stanislav Krupař / Arnika

Pictures of Stanislav Krupař from Mariupol show how local factories have become part of the natural environment for the people of Ukrainian industrial cities. About 120,000 inhabitants die every year from the effects air pollution in Ukraine, ranking the Eastern European country at the very top of the mortality per capita from air pollution list globally.

"It has been four years since the Revolution of Dignity started and Ukraine doesn't seem to be in good state. A large part of the eastern separatistic regions seems to be lost for good as the territories are vastly devastated. Ukraine is the most energy-intensive country in the world and the sixth largest producer of CO2 per capista. Although it has begun to accept the standards of the European Union, the over all progress will be very slow due to systematical breaking of the environmental standards," states the description to Krupař's photogallery.

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Anyone can vote up to three photos maximum until November 19. The winner will be awarded at the ceremony held in the Old Town Hall the following day. About 20 photos and galleries seek to win the price of the readers of the 'Lidé a Země' (People and the Earth) magazine this year, reflecting social and political events from all corners of the planet, as well as the everyday reality of more distant cultures.

Besides to the readers' voting, another pictures from our May trip over Ukraine has made it to the selection for the best journalistic pictures of 2018. In the category of Nature, Science and the Environment, a series of photographs labeled 'The Devastated East' competes for the prestigious award for the best Czech photoreporters. In eight pictures from Mariupol, Dnipro of Zaporozhye and Kriviy Rih, Krupař shows the life of Ukrainians in the immediate vicinity of predominantly metallurgical enterprises. In cooperation with the Kiev bases NGO Ecoaction and with support from the Transition Promotion Program of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we're working on improving the poor environmental situation in those regions (and also in the city of Kharkov). Read more about our work in Ukraine.

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Nature, Science and the Environment (Series): Stanislav Krupař, freelancer - The Devastated East

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