Response of Armenian Nature Protection Ministry to Resolution Adopted in "Industrial Pollution in Lori Region" Conference

22.3.2019 - YEREVAN
Conference in Yerevan
source: EcoLur

 Last year an "Industrial Pollution in Lori Region" Conference was held in Yerevan organized by Czech 'Arnika' organization and its partner organisations Ecolur and AWHEE. The Armenian government has reacted to the conference's findings this year.

The participants of the conference adopted a resolution on the environmental pollution because of mining in Alaverdi, Akhtala and Shnogh communities and dangers threatening health in Lori Region. The resolution demands a comprehensive assessment of industrial influence and its technologies on the environment and health. 

This March, The Armenian Nature Protection Ministry responded to the resolution by saying that a new government programme was approved this February which is aimed at solving the problems mentioned in the resolution. The government pledged a variety of solutions, including:  effective management of land resources, prevention and reduction of soil pollution and degradation, promotion of applying contemporary mechanisms for the closedown (reclaiming) of mines,  and ecologically safe management of chemical substances and wastes (including those of soil management) etc. 

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