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1.7.2013 - PRAHA/WORLD


IPEN Guide To the New Mercury Treaty

In order to swiftly educate and orient NGOs and the public about the New Mercury Treaty please note IPEN has just released an updated and final Guide to the New Mercury Treaty. This is based on the final Mercury Treaty text. You can download it at (English, Russian and Spanish versions are available)

HEAL Launches a Report on Health Costs of Power Plants
HEAL launched a major new report which provides the first ever economic assessment of the health costs associated with air pollution from coal power plants in Europe. The report entitled ´The Unpaid Health Bill – How coal power plants make us sick´ reveals that the health costs of coal-fired power stations add a financial burden to the European population of up to €42.8 billion a year.  Download the full report here. You’ll find summary, policy recommendations as well as testimonies from health experts on HEAL website.

UNEP Yearbook

UNEP Publisher its annual yearbook. The UNEP Year Book 2012 looks in detail at a number of environmental challenges. It  reviews some the most important events and developments during the previous year, provides a selection of key environmental indicators, and closely examines two emerging issues: the benefits of soil carbon, and the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. You can find the yearbook here.

Advance Text of Minamata Convention on Mercury now available

The Agreed text of the Minamata Convention on Mercury , is now available from the UNEP Website. It appears as annex to the Advance Report from INC 5 - see attached and also the relevant link


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