Stopping hydropower plant Prizren Grad on river Sana

20.5.2016 - Sana

Small victories for preservation of the entire Sana basin

Guided by the example of hydropower plant “Medna”, company d.o.oElektrik from Banja Luka tried to get permission for Environmental Impact Assessment forhydropower plant “PrizrenGrad – Sana 2″, planned in the municipalities Ribnik and Mrkonjic Grad, on the Sana River, but that failed.

According to the Law on Free Access to Information, Coalition for Sana, through Centre for Environment from Banja Luka received information from the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology that the request for Environmental Impact Assessment of hydro power plant “Prizren City – Sana 2″on the Sana River, the municipalities Ribnik and Mrkonjic Grad is rejected.

The Decision states, “On June 6th2015 the applicant submitted an application stating that he still has not received a positive opinion fromRibnik Municipality related to environmental impact assessment due to the recent public protests because of the construction of the adjacent hydropower plant “.

“Although the construction of hydropower plant „Medna“ is still ongoing and we are fighting to stop the project, it is encouraging that through many years of activities against this hydropower plant we managed to slow down, if not stop, plans for a hydro power plant Prizren Grad – Sana 2, against which we are also from the start, when we engaged in the process”, said Goran Krivic, coordinator of the Coalition for Sana.

This kind of project would destroy another canyon of upper Sana River, flora and fauna, as well as a complete ecosystem that would be significantly violated. An example of the destruction of the river, riverbed, canyon, flora, fauna and the whole ecosystem can already be seen at the construction area of hydropower plant “Medna” which is example of how foreign investmentsaredestroying local natural resources.

Coalition for Sana consisting of 23 associations of nature lovers and sports is trying for years to prevent the crimes of destroying the upper stream of Sana River.As well asto emphasize the need for protectionof the upper stream and declare a nature park which is planned in Spatial Plan of Republic of Srpska for 2015 – 2025.MunicipalityRibnikvoted unanimously for two times at the Municipal Assembly against the construction of hydropower plants on the Sana River. This is one of the examples that Sana is not for sale and that the struggle continues, not only against the planned hydropower „Medna“ and „PrizrenGrad – Sana 2“ but on the whole Sana River basin, and beyond.

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