Teghout mine resumed operation. Tailing dump is in bad condition

23.10.2019 - TEGHOUT
Teghout Tailing Dump
source: EcoLur

The company Vallex Group resumed operation in the Teghout mine in North-East Armenia on July 9, 2019.

The mining of copper and molybdenum has started in Teghout once again. However, not only locals worry about the condition of the Teghout tailing dump dam since it might collapse. Vallex Group admitted the risk by stating they currently have no control over the Teghout Complex and cannot be held responsible for its consequences.

The Teghout mine is newly owned by a state-controlled Russian bank VTB Bank. The new owners initially denied problems with the dam; however, they recently signed an agreement with a Bulgarian company which should examine the sustainability of the Teghout tailing dump dam. This process is to last for 7 to 8 months.  

On October 22, it was discovered that the Teghout mine was operating for 3 months without a valid water use permit. The mine therefore illegally used water from rivers Debed and Shnog, as well as several nearby streams. 

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