The proposed limits of toxic substances in wastes degrade the Stockholm Convention

25.11.2005 - Prague / London

The EU proposed limits for persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are so weak that they do not begin to address the problems they were designed to solve. ”The proposed limits undermine not only the aims of the Stockholm Convention, but also all earlier efforts in the EU to limit the exposure of the European population to these substances, ” said Dr. Jindrich Petrlik, co-chair of the IPEN - Dioxin, PCBs and Waste Working Group (DPW WG) and chairman of the Arnika Association (Czech Republic). Dr. Petrlik, said IPEN DPW WG had ”many reservations over the science and methods of calculations used to arrive at the proposed limits.” These concerns are supported by a letter addressed to European politicians, requiring a strengthening of the limits and signed by 106 non-governmental organisations, experts and members of representative bodies from 50 countries on five continents.


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