The training on public participation in decision making in Brest

20.4.2017 - Brest
Foto: EcoHome

25th February was held a training in Brest about public participation in environmentally decision making. The training was conducted in the framework of the Matra project "Green line", its objectives were to train environmental activists in the sphere of environmentally decision making; to identify the interests of the target groups in order to plan a further training program in a joint project with Arnika.

The target group of the training: environmental activists, "environmental" volunteers from the Brest region. In total, 22 people took part in the training, among them were activists of the environmental organizations and initiatives from the Brest and Brest region, representatives of governmental organizations (architects), non-engaged activists, activists of the environmental movement. Regions (Grodno and Vitebsk regions).

The training consisted of three parts: a theoretical and practical part; part for clarifying interest of target groups for future trainings and development of educational program. Within the framework of the training were considered the following issues: Aarhus Convention as a model of public participation in decision making; benefits of public participation in environmental decision-making; forms of public participation in decision-making; types of public discussions in Belarus; development of action algorithms. At the end of the training was held a block, where were collected topics  for planning future educational activities and made a list of actual environmental problems in Brest and Brest region.

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