Tree planting events in Moldova: forests save our rivers

3.12.2020 - BUDESTI
PHOTO: Petru Vinari, Eco-TIRAS

On Saturday, November 14th, a massive tree and shrub planting was organised by Moldovan NGOs “Eco-TIRAS”, “Parks of Future” and “Renasterea Rurala” in the Baltata River basin, the Dniester River tributary, northern from Chisinau. About 200 villagers and volunteers participated to help afforest the land. Main goal of these events is to ecologize Moldova, contribute to a clean and healthy environment and raise awareness of the importance of forests for ecological balance.

Photos from the event are available here >>>

“Everything went great. The weather supported our event with a small night rain and wet soil. People were enthusiastic, many of them came with kids, and all of them were happy to work half of the day for a public benefit, adapting their own country to the climate change,” describes Ilya Trombitsky, chairman of Moldovan network of civic initiatives for river protection Eco-TIRAS. The trees planted on the riverbanks help to fortify the banks, prevent landslides as well as penetration of pollutants into the water, provide shade to reduce its evaporation, ensure a favorable environment for insects etc.

Moreover, the mayor of the village Budesti, Nina Costiuc, supported the event by providing necessary territory of several hectares, technique and her own participation. The activity was synchronised for both banks as it was also organised by nature lovers in Transdniester on the Suhaya Ribnitsa River, the Dniester River tributary. Another planting took place near the town of Anenii Noi.  

The tree planting events are supported by “Building trust between Moldovan riverbanks”, a joint project of Eco-TIRAS and Arnika, financially supported by the Transition Promotion Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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