Ugar is a destroyed River, not an untouched nature

1.7.2016 - Banja Luka

A few days ago, an informal gathering was held, which brought together numerous politicians, diplomats, ambassadors, representatives of relevant institutions, representatives of courts and public figures of Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the “Nezavisne novine” [1] next to the untouched nature on the river Ugar , which the Centre for environment considered falsehood and mockery of the people.

The river Ugar is not untouched nature, it’s destroyed river, and the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology Srebrenka Golic, whose ministry with her signature, issued permission to build more hydropower plants on this river and its feeder Ilomska, could explain that to the present.


“Present were obviously not informed or did not want to know that the river Ugar was destroyed by the construction of hydro power plants “Zapeće” and “Novakovići”, a plan is to build much more plants, that could lead this river to total destruction. Those two plants, which were built in recent years by the company Kelag from Austria and Germany have led to the destruction of the river, its flora and fauna, the level and quality of water in the riverbed and the anger of the local population, “said Goran Krivic from the Center for Environment.


The present, who gathered for an informal gathering could and should stop the destruction of the river Ugar, and not only these, but the destruction of all rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina threatened by the construction of hydro power plants. From these hydro power plantss can benefit only private investors who are destroying our rivers and prevent local people to use them.

“Next time we would like to invite these guests, who are obviously not informed, to visit the facilities and construction sites of hydropower plants and to testify the damage that is being done, and after that, if you can not stay indifferent and continue socializing in the “untouched nature”, while for the Ugar and all the other rivers in BiH, many of their compatriots are fighting for years to stay really pristine,” said Goran.


Informal socializing in nature, which brings together public and influential persons should promote the natural beauty, their sustainable use and tourism, the neglected branch that could contribute more than the destruction of river construction of hydropower plants, which are sending natural resources of our countries to an irreversible abyss.

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