World Food Day- Do we know what we eat?

17.10.2016 - Banja Luka

The World Food Day, 16th October, was celebrated in Banja Luka. The Center for Environment dedicated this day to genetically modified organisms (GMO). Their intention was to inform the public of risks associated with the GMO’s use.

Beside this, the Center for Environment on 17th of October delivered the required documentation to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the ratification of the GMO amendment.

“The Center for Environment, in August, delivered the Initiative for the Ratification of the GMO amendment to the Aarhus Convention for the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, and the center offered its full support and help in the preparation for ratification. Ratification of the GMO amendment would ensure access to information and public participation in the decision making process about deliberate releasing and supplying of GMOs at the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina," reminded Marina Kuburić from the Center for Environment.

The World Food Day was celebrated in Banja Luka with the projection of the documentary movie about the future of the food, the problem of GMOs in the food, and the role of biotechnological corporations in the food market.

“The World Food Day is celebrated on the 16th October, so we symbolically made a step forward to spreading information and raising public awareness by giving away leaflets at The Krajina Square in Banja Luka. We hope that relevant institutions will understand the importance and urgency of this initiative, so that the GMO amendment would be ratified as soon as possible by Bosnia and Herzegovina. This would create conditions for the spread of information and active public participation in the decision making about these highly important issues," pointed out Marina Kuburić.

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