Learning on industrial pollution at the Czech and Polish mining sites

27.11.2018 - SKAWINA / OSTRAVA

How to fight obsolete environmental burdens of heavy industry and the present dangers of related air pollution - those were the reasons why six Ukranian activists boarded a plane to Katowice in mid November. The study tour held by Arnika and Ecoaction, two cooperating non-governmental organisations from Prague and Kyiv respectively, sought to share experience on civic campaigns for cleaner and healthier air. Activists from Ukrainian industrial cities - Dnipro, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Zaporyzhye and Kryvyi Rih - met with local civil initiatives in Poland and the Czech Republic. Thanks you, Zagłębiowski Alarm Smogowy, Stowarzyszenie Sammządne Strzemieszyce and Skawiński Alarm Smogowy for your advices!

PHOTO: Majda Slámová / Arnika

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