Dams-Free Municipalities Initiative has its first signatory

2.9.2020 - SOKOLAC

"Dams-Free Municipalities" is a joint initiative of NGOs Arnika and Coalition for the Protection of Rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, trying to support the local municipalities in standing against the current boom of harmful hydropower plants. By signing the declaration the municipalities commit to not issue any consent, permit or recommendatory statement for the construction of a dam or hydropower plant on their territory without consulting the citizens. 

“For the municipality of Sokolac, development of tourism is of much greater importance than small hydropower plants. Therefore, we have adopted the Development Strategy prohibiting constructions of them in the territory of ​​the local communities of Kaljina and Knežina, where the most beautiful rivers flow. Thus, we can prevent the abuse of the land for projects that could endanger our environment,” explained the mayor of Sokolac Milovan Bjelica (SDS), who was the first one to join the initiative on September 2nd 2020.

PHOTOS: Jakub Hrab / Arnika

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