Exhibition of photograhs of Zenica through the eyes of Czech artist

26.11.2015 - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Young Czech photographer and graphic designer called "AdelinaGrafika" opened a new exhibition of more than 40 photographs from Zenica installed in double frames in the hall of the Aarhus Centre Zenica, for a limited time in November 2015.

"The scenes reflect the life of the people in this city, their strength and struggle as well as their temperament and joyful moments. I was impressed by stories of Zenica's people and strong moments I captured in the elementary school in the vicinity of the factory. In my work, I would like to show how the close connection of the people to the steelworks affects every moment of their life, and speaking poetically, how it influences literally every breath they take," explains the author.

Photo: AdelinaGrafika

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