How to protect pollution victims – April 2015

26.5.2015 - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Activists of Arnika (CZ) and Eko Forum Zenica (BiH) meet the pollution victims end explain them how to protect their rights on the April 2015 mission. Several interviews on camera were made with people living in the vicinity of huge steelworks of multi-national corporation Arcelor Mittal suffer from constant poisoning caused by the air pollution. The living conditions in the city are adverse, and the stakeholders seem not to apply any serious means to stop the steelworks from polluting the environment. We feel that there is a desperate need for debate about the current issues and fast action. Representatives of the Arcelor Mittal company as well as responsible authorities – Ministry of Environment and Federal Environmental Inspection, did not come to discuss this issue which troubles the whole city to the round table that the activists organized. Will the lawsuits against those guilty help?

Photo: Adelina Grafika

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