In Armenia among ancient monasteries and dangerous mining


Hakhpat, Sanahin, Akhtala, Odzun. In all these North Armenian villages you will find ancient monasteries, two of which are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and one in Hakhpat dates back to 976. Yet, not many tourists are arriving. One of the reasons without the exaggeration of industrial pollution in the province of Lori, some western tourist guides call it for reasons. In the valley of the city of Alaverdi, the old Soviet copper smelting plant is located, and in the surrounding area, there are mines where molybdenum is extracted, in addition to reddish metal. Mining is crucial for economically weak regions, but due to the lack of environmental legislation, it also has a hard impact on the health and lives of local people. In cooperation with experts from the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, we have explored the scope of the mining industry harms "Cradle of Civilization." In addition to the meeting with Czech Ambassador Petr Mikyska, we have shared our experience on the enforcement of rights at European level with the people from the affected regions.

PHOTO: Martin Holzknecht / Arnika

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