Air quality and why we should care about it: lecture tour of Czech scientists in Ukraine


An invitation to Ukraine was accepted by Czech scientists from the Atmospheric Aerosol Research Group at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. They gave lectures in three Ukrainian cities: in Kryvyi Rih (May 30, 2019), at Ecoforum in Zaporizhia (May 31, 2019) and in Kyiv (June 3, 2019). Their presentations were focused on air pollution, ways of identifying sources of pollution, alternative methods of measuring air quality, legal standards and lobbying for clean air. During the tour, the Czech scientists met ecologists from local initiatives, active citizens, politicians, officials, students and teachers from Ukrainian universities.

PHOTOS: Igor Garmash (АРТ-Простір), Jan Bendl (Charles University in Prague), Petr Mareš (SCIENCE IN), Kateřina Krejčova (Arnika) and Denis Shabanin (Dosit Truity Kryvyi Rih).

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