Visiting Třinec: Final day of the Ostrava international conference

23.11.2018 - TŘINEC

An excursion to the Třinec Iron and Steel Works took place on the last day of the 'Fighting Air Pollution in the Industrial Cities of Europe' in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The whole Moravian-Silesian region is located in the north-east of the country, and is gifted with one of the best air qualities in the European Union. However, the situation used to be much worse. Cutting the industrial emmision by one half of a large scale. One of such is a Třinec plant, which produces roughly one third of all steel made in the Czech Republic. One of the most recent investments was in 20 filtering chambers built merely about four years ago. Similar adjustments are needed in all countries for air pollution.

PHOTOS: Majda Slam / Arnika

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