Pardubice - the biggest public hearing on Environmental Impact Assessment in the Czech Republic

9.12.2009 - Czech Republic

In Pardubice happened historically the largest public discussion of the effects of a project on the environment. Residents of Pardubice and the surrounding towns and villages have shown that incineration of hazardous waste do not want to have that historically most collected signatures for a petition protesting against the construction of waste incinerators. That their interest in this project and especially the resistance against it has never ceased, she also unusually abundant participation in the discussion of the environmental impact (EIA), which was held at the hockey arena on Wednesday 9 December 2009 from 17.30 until late at night. Discussed directed Deputy Environment Minister Ing. Karel Blaha, PhD., Suggesting that the Ministry of Environment of the Czech resistance from local citizens do not take lightly. Many people appreciated the objectivity of the management of public discussion. The following lines are on-line entry, as we tried to get him. Excuse places "runaway" punctuation or typos that occurred in an attempt to capture as much of the hearing. More about Chemical industry and Hazardous waste incinerator in Pardubice  >>>

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