Revealing the POPs pollution of industrial areas in Thailand

30.11.2017 - BANGKOK

Two year lasting research conducted by non-governmental organizations from the Czech republic and Thailand came up with rather concerning conclusions, The Thais living in nearby of industrial areas are strongly affected by leaking persistent organic pollutants (POPs), that get often stored in everyday food such as fish of eggs. Those information were presented in Bangkok by Ecological Alert and Recovery-Thailand (EARTH) members and the chairman of Prague based NGO Arnika, Jindrich Petrlik. The grimm news of toxic and possibly carcinogenic pollution of Thai environment drew a serious attention of local media, for example Bangkok Post and news channel Thai PBS (depicted on the screenshots).


Studies regarding the danger of Thai POPs pollution conducted by Arnika and EARTH are available here:
   • POPs at Four Thai Hot-spots: Map Ta Phut, Samut Sakhon, Tha Tum, and Khon Kaen
   • Chicken Eggs as an Indicator of POPs Pollution in Thailand

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