Thai friends from EARTH visiting the Czech Republic

13.4.2018 - PRAGUE

Colleagues from our befriended non-governmental organization Ecological Alert and Recovery - Thailand (EARTH) arrived to the Czech Republic on Arnika's invitation. In addition to sharing experiences in our office, we also prepared series of excursions, seminars and workshops for the team of Penchom Saetang. During the first trip, we visited the Bezobalu ("PackagingFree") store, where our guests learned about the waste-friendly way of vending and purchasing groceries. After that, we showed our long-distance frends the industrial areas of the foundry in Čelákovice (Central Bohemia) and the petrochemical complex of Unipetrol in the north-bohemian town of Litvínov. There and also in Most, the very next city, the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Technology, Ing. Marek Šír, Ph.D. gave a lecture of all the historical environmental burdens in the area.

Photo: Jindřich Petrlík / Arnika / EARTH

This gallery was prepared and published as a part of the project “Increasing Transparency in Industrial Pollution Management through Citizen Science” funded by the European Union (EU) and co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic within the Framework of the Transition Promotion Programme – a financial assistance programme supporting democracy and human rights using the Czech Republic’s experience with social transition and democratization.

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