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300 citizens of Zenica on a protest - June 2015

26.6.2015 - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fresh flowers, a symbol of nonviolence as an answer to the terror of industrial polluters. Residents of Zenica, one of the largest towns of Bosnia and Herzegovina, are protesting today against the practices of multinational steel corporation ArcelorMittal. Communities from nine villages surrounding industrial plant gathered at the gate 9, entrance to the steelworks, for a protest symbolically held on June 5 2015, the World Environment Day. Residents decided to express their frustration with the quality of environment, the corporation's violation of legislation, and indifference of the responsible institutions. Bosnian Eko-Forum and Czech Arnika NGOs provided legal assistance to the communities suffering from heavy pollution and will continue to support their fight for justice.

Photos: Eko-Forum Zenica


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