Together with local communities, we solve industrial pollution in Thailand

18.1.2019 - THAILAND

At the beginning of the year, several of our experts on toxic chemicals headed to Thailand in order to meet representatives of local communities affected by industrial pollution. Together with the Thai ecological organization, EARTH, we have been helping these courageous and active citizens to protect our environmental rights for several years now. We localize local factories and collect data for negotiation with industries and the government.

During the January meeting, we won the four-year cooperation and followed the achievements of the community. For example, local fishermen and several other people become campaign leaders and systematically work on protecting people's health from chemical pollution from industries, all thanks to European financial support in the form of grants. Local people appreciated Arnika for providing them with evidence in the form of scientific analysis. The local EARTH organization has contributed greatly to the fact that the people living near the Loei gold mine received compensation from responsible companies for damaging the environment. They also contributed to the drafting and decontamination plan for industrial waste dumps.


This gallery was prepared and published as part of the project "Increasing Transparency in Industrial Pollution Management through Citizen Science" funded by the European Union (EU) and co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Transition Promotion Program - Supporting the Democracy and Human Rights Program

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