We are mapping the problems caused by a poultry magnate in Ukraine

28.8.2017 - Ukraine

In July, we went with Arnika to Ukraine for the second time this year already. Again, we focused on a theme framed by our local activity – industrial poultry farming. This time we went to the Cherkassy region together with Ekodiya, our partner organization, and colleagues from the Bankwatch international organization. This is another region in which Yuri Kosjuka’s MHP conglomerate of oligarchs operates. We visited polluted sites and a specific operation with our Ukrainian colleagues and local activists. We also organized a full-day workshop with public participation and access to information, while we also dealt with legislative standards and helped local people in the mutual sharing of experience. Not even this time did we avoid trouble with MHP security guards had been pursuing us for several hours already on the first day of the mission. After calling the Ukrainian police, all suspicious cars disappeared.
Photo: Majda Slámová

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