Research on toxic chemicals will debunk the pollution dispute in Northern Armenia thanks to Czech experts

17.7.2019 - ALAVERDI
Mets Ayrum, tailing pond full of toxic water
PHOTO: Martin Holzknecht / Arnika

Analysis concerning the presence of harmful chemicals in the environment will happen in Lori Province. The locals suffer from serious contamination of heavy metals and other substances due to local mining and the metallurgical industry. Researchers, together with a Czech NGO, Arnika, and local initiatives, will publish the results by the end of 2019. “Also, we will educate the locals on how to use our data to ensure a healthier life for themselves,” said Arnika’s chairman, Martin Skalsky.

Farmers and villagers from the Lori Province hope for a non-toxic environment; the environmental contamination is allegedly caused by copper and molybdenum acquiring activities in Alaverdi, Akhtala, and Teghout. According to 2018 research, the vicinity of the smelting power plant and the surrounding mines are highly polluted by copper, zinc, molybdenum, lead and arsenic.

“Further sampling is necessary since no effective precautions have been taken in this matter thus far. Presenting scientific evidence of hazardous contamination is the only way to push responsible bodies to face their responsibilities and eventually improve living conditions for Armenian people,” stated Oleg Dulgaryan, director of the Center for Community Mobilization and Support (CCMS) from Alaverdi.

For this purpose, CCMS teamed up with the Czech non-governmental organization, Arnika, and the Yerevan-based information portal, EcoLur. The result of the analysis will be presented by the end of this year.

Healing poisoned nature around Debed
In addition to conducting scientific research, Arnika's experts will meet local residents to discuss the next possible steps to minimize the negative impact of pollution on their health.

“Between July 19 and July 26, we will visit the major hot spots and talk to the mayors, farmers, and journalists to try and find a possible solution to this troubling situation,” said Miroslava Jopkova. Arnika's mission is funded by the Transition Promotion Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Czech Republic. Researchers will also meet with head of this mission at the Czech Embassy in Yerevan, Jan Plesinger, on July 22 in Alaverdi.

Last year, scientists from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague analyzed chicken eggs, soil, and sediments from the Debed River. Samples extracted just below the industrial sites showed a rapid increase in copper levels, proving the contamination of heavy metals as a direct result of mining and metallurgy in the surrounding environment.

In February, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled in favor of the six farmers from Lori. For violating their property rights in the mining activities in the region, the government was fined € 70,000 in total through the Armenian courts.







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