Informative panels on PVC are placed in tearoom

22.2.2008 - Děčín

Visitors of Tea Club „Ve vlnách“ in Děčín have a chance to learn more about the issues of one of the most controversial plastic materials (polyvinylchloride- PVC). Informative panels, that will be placed by the entrance to the tearoom from 25. 2. to 23.3., give information about the risks connected with PVC use.

“Though the tearoom is a place for relaxation, I think it is useful to also point out the rather negative things around us. I am interested in the problem of PVC also because of my several years lasting experience in waste management which showed me possible damages caused by this chemical in environment,” said one of tea-room´s owners, Ing. Miroslav Rybář.

PVC is highly problematic from the point of view of its impact on health and environment. Not only its production and liquidation, but also its usage is accompanied by harmful emissions. „The emission contain for example phthalates and heavy metals which are harmful mainly to children. Some of these chemicals can harm the reproductive and immunity system,“ explained Kamil Repeš, head of Arnika´s branch in Děčín.

PVC surrounds us practically at our every step – it is present in our households, offices, in toys. „Arnika develops effort to reduce use of PVC mainly in toys for children, in food packaging and in medical devices. People can support us by signing the petition “For PVC Substitution“ which will be placed in the tearoom also after the end of exhibition,“ Repeš added.

The tea club Ve vlnách in Hudečkova street in Děčín is open from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. till 11 p.m. and from 2 p.m. at the weekends. Beside classical relaxation with a good tea it also offers exhibitions, discussions and film projections on various topics or concerts. More information is here.

This activity of association ARNIKA is supported by grant provided by Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway any by the EEC Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism by NROS (Foundation for Development of Civil Society).


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