Representatives refused to sell land in Pankrác

18.10.2002 - Prague
"The City Assembly of the Capital City of Prague on yesterday's meeting refused to sell land in the Pankrác plain to the company ECE. After a longer discussion, the representatives came to the conclusion that the offered purchase price is too low, and future use of the plots is not clear. Attention of the representatives to the ambiguities connected with the sale was drawn by Prague citizens associations which aim to achieve conceptual completion of development of the Pankrác plain in a way that it could become a living centre of Prague 4, and not only a zone with offices and shopping complexes.","The intention to sell land in Pankrác to the German company ECE was published by the Council of the Capital City in April. The price calculated according to the price map reached almost 56 million Czech crowns. According to the representative Martin Stránský (US: Union of Freedom), who opened the discussion, this price is too low. „Payment of the purchase price is divided into two stages. The higher portion - 60 % - should be paid by the investor after issuance of a planning permission for a shopping centre only. Thus, it could happen that the city will never get the money for the land. Under these circumstances, I am against the sale,“ said Stránský during the yesterday's meeting. Later, this opinion was supported by contributions of further five representatives. According to Marián Hošek (KDU-ČSL: Christian and Democratic Union - Czechoslovak People's Party), the intention of the company ECE is unclear. „The proposal is written sloppily and, at the present time, we do not have sufficient information for what purpose we are selling the land. It is necessary to clarify, especially, a traffic solution of the Pankrác plain, and functions of the shopping centre.“ Mayor of Prague 4, Zdeněk Hovorka (ODS: Civic Democratic Party), came to defend sale of the land. In his contribution, he attacked citizens' associations and alleged that they were established by people who had not succeeded in elections. He also spoke up for the investors ECE and ECM. „All representatives of Prague 4, with the exception of one person, agree with the projects for development of the Pankrác plain. For me, it is a sufficient reason for supporting these investors,“ said Hovorka. Subsequently, councillor of the Capital City, Zdeněk Kovářík, spoke, as the person who submitted the proposal. He supported the intention of the company ECE, and tried to convince the Assembly that Prague will not suffer any financial damage by selling the plots. But, obviously, he did not refute doubts of the representatives. Then, during voting, they refused sale of the land to the company ECE by twenty seven votes from thirty five present. „This is not a victory,“ commented the situation the chairwoman of the Občanská iniciativa Pankráce (Citizens Initiative of Pankrác), Marie Janoušková. „Nevertheless, the Assembly acknowledged that the current efforts for utilisation of the Pankrác plain are not conceptual and, as a consequence, they can damage rather than benefit the city. This exceptionally valuable development area may become a new city centre. It would be unfortunate to let it fill by office skyscrapers, shopping complexes and car parks for a quick profit of a few companies. The yesterday's decision is a signal that, possibly, the city will want to take better care of reasonable future of Pankrác.“  Statements of the representatives during discussion on the Pankrác plain Ivana Bursíková (ED: European Democrats): „A number of ambiguities is connected with the sale. As far as I know, planning permissions were not issued yet concerning certain structures which have direct connection to this sale. At the present time, we do not know the future solution of the Pankrác plain at all.“ Květoslava Kořínková (ČSSD: Czech Social Democratic Party): „In my opinion, the proposed price is all right, but the submitted material is unclear. Before the sale, I deem necessary, especially, to clarify traffic solution of the Pankrác plain.“ Martin Bursík (KDU-ČSL: Christian and Democratic Union - Czechoslovak People's Party): „A regulation plan has not been drawn up for the Pankrác plain area to the present day. I consider this to be a fault. To tie payment of a part of the purchase price to issuance of a planning permission is unacceptable pressure on state administration.“ Miroslav Prokeš (KSČM: Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia): „It is necessary to realise that traffic solution of the area does not exist, and, because of that, there is a danger of considerable deterioration of living conditions of the local inhabitants. I do not regard moving of people from residential houses as an acceptable solution.“ ",Veřejnost a životní prostředí,Životní prostředí, Arnika - Centrum pro podporu občanů, PRAHA, Praha, Marek Jehlička, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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