More than 375 thousand Europeans have been involved in the fight against water pollution

13.3.2019 - PRAGUE

The #ProtectWater campaign against pollution of rivers, lakes, groundwater, and wetlands within the European Union ended yesterday. Citizens, more than 130 NGOs from all across Europe, amd Arnika have been involved in supporting the campaign. It does not agree with the negative affairs of the European Standards. The campaign aims to protect  water quality, including drinking water. It focused on strict protection. According to the European Environment Agency, 60% of surface water is affected by pollution. The change in legislation could cause higher pollution of fertilizers, pesticides, or animal waste. Europeans might soon lose their drinking water resources.

"More than 375,000 Europeans have stood against the destruction of water resources, and politicians must take their warnings seriously. Over 60% of water bodies in Europe are very bad. We might be without drinking water soon," says Vlastimil Karlik from Arnika.

The European Water Framework is currently being renovated. In the context of campaigns, people and NGOs across Europe were involved in the European public consultations going on between November 2018 and March 12, 2019. This was the only opportunity for the public to express their disagreement to possible changes in legislation. After all, this was the largest amount of people involved in the consultations in history. The results of the consultations are likely to be known in autumn 2019. The decision is expected to be taken in the first half of the year 2020.

The European Wildlife Fund, the European Environment Bureau, the European Fisheries Alliance, the European River Network, and the European Wetlands Association created the coalition for lively rivers that is a result of public cooperation. The Arnika Association was the Czech partner of this coalition.

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