Steel making and its environmental impact in the Czech Republic and Ukraine

The study compares fulfilled modernization and environmental investments of ArcelorMittal in Ostrava (Czech Republic) and in Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine). The study analyses the history of both plants, modernization investments in the context of the valid legal framework in Ukraine and in the Czech Republic, the history of civic campaigns for clean air and public protests against ArcelorMittal in both countries. The study brings evidence of various examples of a policy of double standards of this multinational corporation in the EU and non-EU countries.

Lead author, editor: Anna Plošková

Co-authors and contributors: Alena Miskun, Vladimír Burda, Milan Havel, Jan Nezhyba, Martin Skalský

Photos: Stanislav Krupař

Graphic design: Jakub Němeček,

Publication date: 2019

This report was prepared within the project “Stop Poisoning Ukraine: Coalition for Clean Air”, a joint activity of the non-governmental organizations Arnika – Citizens Support Centre from the Czech Republic and Ecoaction from Ukraine, sponsored by the Transition Promotion Programme of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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