Contaminated sites and their management Featured

Case studies: Kazakhstan and Armenia

Pages: 122

Languages: English

Authors: Zuzana Honzajkova, Marek Sir, Jindrich Petrlik, Lee Bell

Case studies from Armenia and Kazakhstan demonstrate different sites contaminated by organochlorinated pesticides (OCPs), mercury, PCBs and dioxins (PCDD/Fs) and summarize the work done during sampling of these sites in both countries (2010–2014). The study does not only raises the problems but also develops guidance on how to address contaminated sites in a systematic way. International bodies have so far failed to come up with some guidance for governments on how to deal with the problem of contaminated sites. The publication can serve not only to CSOs, national and local authorities but in many developing countries and countries with economies in transition a facing toxic legacy of contaminated sites.

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