Environmental democracy: progress unreported

Aarhus Convention shadow implementation report

  • Author: Tomas Jungwirth
  • Contributors: Viktor Bjelić, Mirna Delalić, Sabina Jukan, Vanja Junuzović, Samir Lemeš, Ratko Pilipović, Martin Skalský, Zuzana Vachůnová
  • Number of pages: 44
  • Language: English
  • Publication date: Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2017

As Bosnia and Herzegovina’s third reporting cycle was concluding, by late-2016, it became clear that this time national report would be produced at all. Faced with this reality, and being well aware of the gravity of duly reviewing the Aarhus Convention implementation, environmental NGOs decided to step in and take charge. The following report is the result of the work undertaken by Arnika and Center for Environment in partnership with Aarhus Center Sarajevo, Eko-forum Zenica and individual Bosnian experts and lawyers.


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