Environmental Permitting System in Bosnia and Herzegovina

From fragmented to integrated pollution prevention and control: comparative analysis of permitting systems and methods.

Pages: 52

Languages: English, Bosnian

Author: Šárka Havránková

Contributors: Đjana Alibegović, Mirna Delalić, Samir Lemeš, Martin Skalský, Kamila Zatloukalová, Emir Avdić, Rijad Tikveša, Denis Ziško

The study is intended primarily for government authorities, public officials, policymakers, and other actors involved in the reform of environmental permitting. It highlights the main shortcomings of the current system, and serve as a practical guide for implementing an efficient and functional IPPC system, compliant with the EU environmental acquis. The Czech Republic, as a relatively new, yet already established EU Member State with mostly successful track record of implementing EU legislation, is widely used as an example of best practices, together with examples from Ireland and Croatia.

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