How to bring European environmental standards for Ukraine's livestock production

Policy paper - analysis of harmonization of EU industrial farming standards in an Eastern Partnership state. Intensive livestock production has number of potential negative environmental consequences. Industrial farms are dependent on extensive agriculture using artificial fertilizers that significantly pollute air, soil and water. Also, management of the manure and waste waters are of concern, just as air pollution by the facilities itself. Analysis brings comparison of the European regulation system of industrial farming with the state of Ukrainian legislation.

Authors: Vaclav Orcigr, Martin Skalsky, Milan Havel, Anna Danyliak, Vladlena Martsynkevych

Research adviser: Yuri Urbansky

Expert review & consultations: Ivana Spelinova, Jan Prasek (Czech Environmental Information Agency − CENIA), Jan Klir (Research Institute of Crop Production, VURV), Maksym Soroka (V. Lazarian, Dnipropetrovsk National University, DIIT)

Pages: 36

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