Low POPs Levels Must Be Low

IPEN's factsheet about seting limits for POPs in wastes safe for health and environment.

  • Author: IPEN Dioxin, PCBs and Waste Working Group

The Stockholm Convention aims to reduce or eliminate all releases of POPs and includes measures to reduce or eliminate releases from stockpiles and wastes in Article 6. This includes establishment of “low POPs content levels“ which are a crucial tool to control potential releases of POPs due to improper handling of POPs wastes. Low POPs Content Levels (LPCLs) define the value at which wastes are considered to be POPs wastes and therefore must be “Disposed of in such a way that the persistent organic pollutant content is destroyed or irreversibly transformed” (Article 6.1 d ii).  LPCLs are crucial for defining appropriate methods and options for POPs waste disposal.

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