Brandys nad Labem - May 2004

Persistent Organic Pollutants and Waste and Chemicals Policy

Brandýs nad Labem (Czech republic) - May 5 - 7, 2004

Agenda of the Meeting:

Importance of NGOs participation in Natinal Implementation Plans of Stockholm Convention on POPs preparation process (experience from 3 CEE countries presented by NGOs) - J. Petrlík (Arnika Association, Prague - Czech Rep.)
 Inventories of by-products sources on both national and international level - truth or mystery?  334.42 Kb
Pat Costner (Greenpeace International - USA)
International POPs Elimination Project in CEE region plus Balkan states brief introduction - Jindřich Petrlík (Arnika Association, Prague - Czech Rep.)
Non-combustion technologies for POPs destruction - Jack Weinberg (Northern co-chair of International POPs Elimination Network, Environmental Health Fund, Chicago - USA)
Pilot project on use of non-combustion technology in Slovakia (UNIDO project presentation) - Martin Murín (Ecotoxicological Center, Bratislava - Slovakia)
Dioxins and Public Health - Chapaevsk case study - Boris Revich (Centre of Demography and Human Ecology, Moscow - Russia)
Pollutant Release and Transfer Register as important measure to reduce toxic pollution - general introduction - Jindřich Petrlík (Arnika Association, Prague - Czech Rep.)
PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers) Protocol to Aarhus Convention - Mary Taylor (Friends of the Earth, London - UK)
PVC' Toxic Life - Joe DiGangi (Environmental Health Fund, Chicago - USA)
REACH - new chemicals policy in EU and the impact of NGO participation - Anja Leetz, (Chemical Reaction, a joint project of the European Environmental Bureau, Friends of the Earth Europe and Greenpeace International, Brussels - Belgium)
REACH: a win-win situation for society and industry - Anne-Sofie Andersson (International Chemical Secretariat, Gothenburg - Sweden)
Czech Pollutant Release and Transfer Register - its strengths and weaknesses - Ondřej Velek (Environmental Partnership, Prague - Czech Rep.)
Phthalates - trouble chemicals in medical devices - Kamil Sevela (Hospital "U Sv. Anny", Brno - Czech Rep.) Lenka Mašková (Arnika Association, Prague - Czech Rep.)
PCB/POPs destruction and formation of PCDDs/PCDFs under different conditions - Roland Weber (independent scientist - Germany)
Fly ash - source of dioxins and other toxic substances contamination - state of the study under preparation by Dioxin, PCBs and Waste WG of IPEN - Jindřich Petrlík and Milan Havel (Arnika Association, Prague - Czech Rep.)
Breast Milk Contamination by POPs in Poland - case study

International activities