Bosnia and Herzegovina: Struggle for rivers and air

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During socialist era, Yugoslavia belonged to the most successful countries of the eastern bloc. Bosnia in its heart played important role as a centre of chemistry and heavy industry, including arms production. Industrial pollution remains till nowadays. At the same time, Bosnia belongs to the countries with the richest biodiversity in Europe. It is now threatened by of commercial interests.

We help to identify serious environmental issues, suggest their solutions and support civil society to enforce the right to live healthy environment.

No robbery, save the rivers!

IMG 0258Bosnia is unique with number of unregulated rivers providing habitat for endemic plants and animals. These jewels of nature are threatened by uncontrolled boom of hydropower plants – hundreds projects are under preparation. It is officially argued by the need to shift to green energy, which makes a sense in a country that depends on the burning of coal. However, increase in the risk of floods, irreversible devastation of nature and damaging tourism are neglected. The robbery of natural treasures affects dozens of local communities. Some of them already raised – we support these River Keepers.

Fight for clean air

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Pollution of the air by chimneys of numerous factories is one of the major problems of central Bosnia – tens thousands people suffer. Owners do not invest enough in advanced technologies and keep making their profit on outdated metallurgical and chemical industry plants, or power stations. While the air pollution is visible and serious, the pollution victims do not have enough power to defend themselves. One of the largest polluters is ArcelorMittal steelworks in Zenica, failing to meet environmental standards – in this case we revealed contamination of foodstuff and supported submission of criminal charges.

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