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Bosnia During socialist era, Yugoslavia belonged to the most successful countries of the eastern bloc. Bosnia in its heart played important role as a centre of chemistry and heavy industry, including arms production. Civil war in 1990´s ruined the economy, scared the society and slowed the progress down. Nowadays, still operated old factories represent serious threat to the environment and human health.

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Pollution of the air by chimneys of numerous factories: that is one of the major problems of central Bosnia. Deep valleys prevent dispersion of pollutants, and ten thousand people suffer, especially in winter period. Owners do not invest enough in advanced technologies and keep making their profit on outdated metallurgical and chemical industry plants, or power stations. Industrial waste landfills threaten water sources.

While environmental problems are obviously serious, the civil society is still not seen as relevant partner in making decisions by the state authorities. People often do not even have access to relevant information – or the data simply does not exist. Also awareness how to influence development of the cities and state of nature is very low.

We help to identify some of serious environmental problems, suggest solutions and support civil society to enforce the right to live healthy environment.

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