Video - Bosnia and Herzegovina

River Keepers

Arnika, Center for Environment (BiH) & Coalition for the Protection of the Rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2017

The short documentary shows various ways of fighting for the preservation of rivers and against the construction of hydroelectric power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has been proven that hydroelectric power plants have become obsolete technology and cause enormous consequences on nature, economy and local communities. Therefore, in many countries there is a trend of their removal. 

For Clean Air and Water

Ondřej Vlk, Arnika & Eko forum Zenica (BiH), 2015

Copies of the movie are available in the e-shop.

During socialistic era, Yugoslavia belonged to the most successful countries of the eastern bloc. Bosnia in its heart played important role as a centre of chemistry and heavy industry, including arms production. Civil war in 1990´s ruined the economy, scared the society and slowed the progress down. Nowadays, still operated old factories represent serious threat to the environment and human health.

Pollutant emissions to air from the chimneys of the many factories are one of the greatest problems of Central Bosnia. Deep valleys prevent the smog from being dispersed by wind, so tens of thousands of people suffer from the air pollution, mainly at winter. In Bosnia, same as in Ostrava (CZ), the ArcelorMittal corporate at first denied any responsibility for the air pollution. In 2013 it was forced by the local community to install at least some of the obligatory installations for lowering emissions. Despite this effort, the concentrations of pollutants continue to exceed the limit values.

Owners of the factories do not invest to modern technologies and profit from the obsolete metallurgic and chemical factories or power plants.


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