Zeleni Vir Wood Processing Factory

15.9.2016 - Banja Luka

A little wood processing and furniture making factory is located in the suburbs of Banja Luka. The factory has been built in an inhabited area as a residential building without complying to the binding regulation and an environmental permit needed for industrial operators with the owner of the property claiming he is building a residential building and will live in it  - literally on the first floor above the factory. The factory is polluting air by the chemicals released while painting the wood and the used technology (spraying). It also emits pollutants to water by using inadequate drainage system. 

Group of concerned neighbours have unsuccessfully tried to negotiate with the owner but in the end contacted Centre for Environment from Banja Luka seeking support. Together, they have sent a request to access information regarding the environmental permit to the municipality in February 2016. In March, the Municipality sent the requested document and the group together with the activists requested a control regarding a failure of compliance at the Ecological Inspection. Afterthat the Ecological inspection ordered measures of painting in closed area and to install the air and water filters. 

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